Are you looking for Gymnastics in Hawthorne for your aspiring gymnast, tumbling enthusiast, or cheerleader? Ages 4 -12 

Does your cheerleader simply want or need to learn a back handspring, a cartwheel, or other basics?

Are large gyms overwhelming to your little one and your pocketbook?

Do you want a place for your little one to make friends, learn teamwork, perseverance, or to just be fit and have some committed active fun?

GymRatz is proud to call itself a private gym for beginners.  We are a small gym with small class sizes to give beginners focused attention on learning gymnastics skills while having fun.

GymRatz Dollars and Skill Bands are rewarded for accomplishing skills and exhibiting awesome behavior.  GR Dollars spend only at the GR store! Come check us out!

Class sessions (12 student maximum)

Sessions subject to change.  

Please call 310-895-5692 to schedule your daughter's first FREE session. 

  • Friendship|Camaradie
  • Leadership|Teamwork
  • Patience|Persistence
  • Resilience|Sellf-Esteem
  • Self-Discipline|Fitness

GymRatz Needs Your Support


GymRatz Classes suspended 3/13/20 & 3/14/20

Stand by for further updates

Need additional help?


Check out Private Lessons for personal attention outside of class to work on improving your skills.



GymRatz In Action


Basic Gymnastics for Girls in Hawthorne


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Help support GymRatz programs for students needing assistance - funds raised go towards tuition assistance, uniforms, field trips, health & nutrition education, leadership training, creative confidence and knowledge.

Fit Family Foundation is raising funds on behalf of GymRatz for low income and foster students in need of assistance towards GR programs.  Please donate your time, talent or finances by calling 310-895-5692 to assist or email with your inquiries.  The tiny tumblers appreciate you and we do too!

​​​​Mastering the Basics


We Are Here!

Gymnastics: A Beginner's Guide for Parents            Is Cheerleading a Sport?

NEW ADULT SESSIONS ($5/session): 

All Snaps Soul Line Dancing

Mondays at 7-9pm

Hip Hop Step Aerobics w/Ejaya

Saturdays 8 & 9am

​​​​​Gymnastics Sessions As Follows:

$70.00/month - 1hr/week (4 sessions/month) 

$105.00/month - 2hrs/week (8 sessions/month) 

$140.00/month - 3hrs/week (12 sessions/month)

Wednesdays & Fridays 6:15p (6-12yrs)

Fridays 515p & 615p (6-12yrs)

Saturdays 1130 (4-5yrs)

Saturdays 1230 (6-12yrs)

Saturday 1:45 (6-12yrs)


GYMNACHEER!! Ages 5-18

$120/month - 1 gymnastics & 1 cheer session/week

$155/month - 1 gymnastics & 2 cheer sessions/week

$190.00/month - 1 gymnastics & 3 cheer sessions/week

CHEER ONLY! Ages 5-18

$100/month- 3 cheer training days

Training Days:

Wednesdays 7:30-8:30p Tumbling only

Fridays 7:30-9:00p Cheer, Dance & Tumbling 

Sundays 12-2p Cheer, Dance & Tumbling

Team Days:

Tuesdays 6:00-8:30p

Thursdays 7:30-8:30p

Sundays 2:00p-4:00p

Click Register for New Class Times, Prices and Free Trial!  See calendar below for GymRatz sessions